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There is currently a heated debate within the web design & development community. It concerns the relative merits of Adobe Flash and HTML5, and which technology should hold the crown for rich content on the web.

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Taking the time to perform a thorough and well-executed upgrade to OS X can make the difference between a zippy new working environment and a blue screen or kernel panic. Here is my recommended upgrade procedure, tried and tested over many years and system upgrades. It’s never let me down yet.

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Can Adobe really not find the resources to provide businesses with much-needed compatibility data regarding CS3 and Snow Leopard?

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Record labels are preparing to introduce a new format intended to revitalise the album market. Apple is doing likewise. Are we poised for another battle for format dominance?

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Good news for developers: Mobile Safari, as implemented in iPhone software v.3, is reported to be fully compatible with HTML 5.

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