Digital Economy Bill

19th March, 2010


Okay, let’s see if we can do some good here. 

Please, everybody, demand from your MP that the Digital Economy Bill be given proper scrutiny and debate. Currently this quite draconian bill is set to be waved through as a fait accomplis, with barely a glance, much at the behest of Peter Mandelson — an unelected official — and the music industry. Website 38 Degrees is providing information and a way to write to your MP online. Here’s an extract from their assessment of the bill:

“The bill contains a wish list of new powers that would (amongst many things) give the government power to disconnect millions of people, block websites, create the potential for back-door censorship and spell the death of open WiFi. Even  Schools and libraries could see their internet cut off if people infringe any copyright.”


Not to mention that photographers might lose copyright protection under the bill.

More info here from 38 Degrees.

Lastly, a simple way to write to your MP online (with example letter). 

Irrespective of whether you think the bill is a good or bad thing, the fact that any potential legislation dealing with our rights and freedoms is being slipped past without proper scrutiny — especially when it is sponsored by somebody unelected by the public.

This issue is moving fast, so please write to your MP now.

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