Overdue for an overhaul

26th December, 2014


Yes. Okay. I’ll put my hands up here and admit that this site is very overdue for a revamp and an update. Like the proverbial plumber with leaky pipes, I always seem to be too busy designing for clients to find the time to whip this site into shape. But the day is coming.

The keen-eyed among you will have noticed that I did, in fact, manage to update the portfolio section of the site a couple of months back, adding in a raft of recent projects for clients such as the Metropolitan Police Service, the BBC, and Readers Digest Association, Inc. All fine work, to be sure. But it doesn’t get away from the fact that this site itself needs some love and attention.

So that’s the plan, hopefully in the first half of this year: a design rejig of the Shark Attack site, introducing some long-needed changes: putting the imagery front and centre in the portfolio, for one thing, and making the whole shebang fully responsive for another — so it’ll look real sweet on your smart phone (I think the iPhone had only been out for about 20 seconds when I launched the current version of the site, and the world of Responsive Web Design was still just a glint in Ethan Marcotte’s eye).

So hold the line, caller. Newer and better is just around the corner. Just as soon as I finish this client project…

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