Studio gets its own Twitter account

14th August, 2009


I’ve set Shark Attack up with its own Twitter account, @sharkattackdsgn, since the design- and studio-related posts were sort of getting lost amid my own non-design ramblings. I will tweet any significant blog posts to that account, along with any design-related stuff that I stumble across and want to share. You can still follow the more personal, off-topic stuff at @ricklecoat because, let’s be honest, you’re just dying to know what I had for breakfast or what I personally think about Conan The Barbarian.

I’ve also been looking at convenient ways to manage multiple Twitter accounts and have settled, for the time being at least, on HootSuite. So far it’s looking good, and the version 2 beta adds all sorts of multi-columned goodness. If you have more than one Twitter account then it’s definitely worth a look, especially if you don’t fancy installing AIR on your machine (which many of the standalone Twitter apps use in order to be cross-platform).

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