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Project notes

Project type

Creation of a complex infographic timeline charting every channel of the BBC from its inception right through to the digital age.


The infographic was to be produced initially as a one-off poster for use in an internal presentation. The poster would subsequently be printed in moest quantity for distribution throught the corporation’s offices.


The amount of information was mildly overwhelming. The data was provided as an excel spreadsheet which sort of provided a timeline in itself, and since the data clearly lent itself to a timeline-esque representation we kept to that concept. However, much of the detail needed clarification from the client and mainting a correct sense of scale was problematic.


The timeline artwork was produced in Adobe Illustrator; this artwork was then brought into Adobe Indesign in order to be placed into a ‘poster’ context and have extra, peripheral artwork added (such as the key and other additional text).

The final poster was huge. The scale of the information, combined with the timeframe that it covered, meant that the poster was something like 200 x 150 cm when printed, and even at that scale some of the text was around the 8pt mark!

The client, however, was delighted!



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Whole poster

BBC channel poster (entire) This is the poster in its entirety. It is interesting to see the explosion of activity that took place in TV and local radio during the 1960s.

Poster details

BBC channel poster (detail) BBC channel poster (detail) BBC channel poster (detail) Each of these images is a small detail section of the poster shown above.

Even in these details is can be somewhat tricky to make out quite what the text is saying — that, perhaps, will convey some sense of the scale of the data being represented.

Apparently people can be seen going up to the poster where it is displayed, peering in fascination at the information it reveals.

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