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Project notes

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Internal printed materials to promote a new initiative within the MPS.


The MPS Legal Services Directorate was launching a new way of organising and providing their services to the rest of the organisation. They needed some materials to explain the changes to the other departments. Initially these were to be a booklet and a poster. The only thing that they knew for sure was that they wanted to avoid the MPS blue, because that would simply cause the posters to disappear into the sea of all the other blue-branded information on the notice boards.


The colour was a challenge, but first and foremost we needed to come up with a device that linked the new materials together with a recognisable theme. MetLaw was a slightly separate entity to the DLS itself, and so using the DLS circular logo (which Shark Attack had developed for the client a few years earlier) was not desirable in this instance.


We settled upon the use of two stylistic motifs, used in tandem: firstly the yellow striping, used in fading blocks — that sorted the colour issue. Nothing else on the MPS notice boards was bright yellow. Secondly, the use of the red ‘half seal’. Eye catching, and it had a clear association with officialdom, being the sort of seal that gets attached to certificates and suchlike in order to grant them authenticity.

We also came up with the tagline: “All your legal needs… MET”.



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Metlaw poster The Poster used the ‘half seal’ motif as a sort of rising sun emblem, symbolising the dawn of a new era of Directorate Of Legal Services’ services.


Metlaw booklet front cover Metlaw booklet front cover and inside spread and Metlaw poster The booklet was designed to be a slimline DL format so that not only would it not be intrusive on somebody’s desk (intrusive things tend to end up in the wastepaper basket) but also so that it would be easy, if necessary, to put it into an envelope.

The inner cover (not shown here) was MPS blue, just to remind us what it was all about.

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